About Us


About uhjackets.com

Uhjackets.com is a highly recognized online shop for your stylish leather wear and accessories for quality products. With the quality standards, we have an extensive network consists of a retailers and manufacturers of jackets and accessories. This network helps us in moving our relationship with our target market (our valuable clients).

We are the Classics

Uhjackets.com shares the historical context of every product, through which the very peculiar classic leather jackets are brought. You can find here old school classic designs (70s and 80s leather jackets), the baby boomers stuff and something that is much trendy for those who want classic products. Our jackets are for both, males and females.

We are the Contemporary

Our website has a section of the movies jackets, which includes all the modern-day collection of jacket designs. Here, you can easily find all your desired modern-day styles and patterns.

Our Vision

Uhjackets.com doesn’t only deal in leather jackets for men and women, but we bring to you the heart of the very fashion. To meet our vision, we first understand our valuable client’s needs and expectations and then make a product. We always make efforts to meet the needs and expectations of our respected customer.