Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY always makes efforts to keep all the sensitive data (customer’s private and personal information) safe and secure by strictly abiding by the International Internet Privacy Act. The safety and protection of your information is our absolute assurance that we’ll maintain at all levels. Our first and foremost responsibility is to serve our valuable clients with wonderful service and for this we always ensure you are processed with highly safe and secure purchases. How we provide you with safe and secure services here while protecting all your private information, behold the following: 

Personal Information at 

At first, requires the basic personal information of the client including the following: 

Complete Name 

Billing Contact and Address

Contact: Phone No., E-mail

Postal Address


All these information will then be used when a client makes a transaction with our online shop. We mostly follow-up the orders via email and in case when the clients is not responded, we contact the client through phone number. We don’t use emails for our marketing or promotion purpose, until and unless you as our precious customer has subscribed for newsletters through email on weekly or monthly basis.

Financial Information at

Financial information is left for our trustworthy merchants and retailers and doesn’t maintain a record of this data. These merchants use highly sophisticated security management systems through which they address the information. At all levels, we always ensure that the information is only used for the mentioned purpose, which results in the safe transaction between you and the 

Amendments to the Privacy Policy has the absolute discretion to amend its privacy policy whenever it requires. To get further details how your information is being used by us to reduce all your worries, you can review our privacy policy regularly. 

Contact: Please contact us if you want to get further info regarding our privacy policy: